Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mochai Kottai Kuzhambu/Curry

Mochai Kottai refers to the seeds of Indian/Hyacinth Beans (Avaraikkai) in Tamil. This is cultivated more during Pongal Festival.

This curry is a form of Puli Kuzhambu; made with tamarind extract and along with vegetables like Drumstick, Brinjal, Cluster Beans (Kothavarangai) and Yam. It tastes good even when made only with Mochai Kottai alone.
I have seen many of my neighbors using Tomato in this curry acc. to their taste. Also, Non-Vegetarians use these seeds in Dry Fish Curry(Karuvadu Kuzhambu in Tamil).

Mochai Kottai ½ cup (200ml cup)
Tamarind  (Lemon Size)
Water 3-4 cups (350ml cup)
Sambar Powder 2.5 tbsp or to taste
Asafoetida Powder 2-3 Pinch
Garlic Cloves 5
Pearl Onions 6
Curry Leaves 5
Mustard Seeds/Kadugu 1 tsp
Fenugreek Seeds/ Vendhayam ¼ tsp
Salt 1.5 tsp or to taste
Sesame / Til Oil

Soak Tamarind in one cup of water for 15-20 mins. Extract Tamarind Juice using 2-3 more cups of water and strain.

Soak Mochai Kottai in water for one hour. Peel and chop Pearl Onions. Peel off Garlic.

Heat Oil in a pan. When it is hot, add Mustard Seeds. Wait till it pops up, reduce flame. Add Fenugreek Seeds. Wait till it crackles. Add Garlic, Curry Leaves and Pearl Onions. Fry till Onions turn slightly brown.

Now add strained Tamarind Juice, Mochai Kottai and other vegetables, if any. Add Sambar Powder, Asafoetida and Salt. Do not add water. Stir well.

Boil on a medium flame till the curry reduces and the oil floats on top.

Serves: 2-3
Serve with steamed Rice.

Tomato(1), Drumsticks and Brinjal (1-2) can be added according to your taste.
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purabi naha said...

Your protein dish is lovely and looks very very yummy. Delicious photos. Just the right thing for me right now.

hemalata said...

So healthy and yummy recipe,lovely preparation.

Vimitha Durai said...

Healthy and flavorful curry...

Mugdha said...

healthy and yummy dish...lovely clicks...:)

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

its my all time favourite, delicious:)

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Sravs said...

So healthy and delicious

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Pari Vasisht said...

Hi. First time here and I love the mochai in any form.
Do drop by to check out the event and giveaway at my space. Following u.

Unknown said...

I have heard and seen recipes on this bean, but never cooked with it. Your recipe sounds delicious :)

Sobha Shyam said...

Very healthy n delicious..Thanx for sending it to my event..

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