Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cabbage - Peas Poriyal

I remembered this incident when I was cutting Cabbage today. One day, I think I was in schooling; my Mom had prepared some Kuzhambu and left to a relatives ‘place. My Cousin was with me and my job was to prepare Cabbage Poriyal / Fry. I knew the basics of cooking Poriyal. So I chopped Cabbage, a tough job for me that time and started cooking.

I found Cabbage took more time to cook. So I thought what about adding water. I added water, more than required and so took even more time. I was near the Stove waiting for the water to evaporate. It took more and more time and finally it was done but turned out to be very mushy. Somehow, my Cousin managed to eat that. Now, whenever I cook or when we speak about Cabbage, he remembers this incident and makes fun of me.
Here goes the recipe:


Cabbage 200g
Fresh/Frozen Peas 15-20
Dried Red Chillies 2-3
Grated Coconut 5tsp
Curry leaves 5
Pearl Onions 4
Mustard Seeds ¾ tsp
Urad Dhal ½ tsp


Cut Cabbage into fine pieces. Chop Pearl Onions.


Heat Oil in a Pan. When hot, add Mustard Seeds. When they stop popping up, reduce flame and add Urad Dhal. Few Seconds later add Curry Leaves, Pearl Onions and Red Chillies. Fry till the Onions become translucent and Chillies turn slightly brown.

Now add Peas. Fry till they become soft and then add chopped Cabbage. Continue frying on a medium flame stirring occasionally. When it is almost done, add grated Coconut. Simmer for five more minutes till done.

Serves: 3
Serve with Rice and any Kuzhambu.


Do not add water when cooking Cabbage. If you need to cook it faster, just sprinkle little water. Always remove the outer hard parts of Cabbage while cutting, which takes long time to cook.      

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