Monday, March 21, 2011

Cauliflower Stir Fry

This is one of my favorite stir fries; goes well with anything; from biryani or tomato rice to sambar or curd rice. The reason behind is the aroma and roasted texture of the vegetable. Unlike Cauliflower Manchurian or Gobi 65, this recipe can be prepared much easier and faster, yet the taste is really amazing.

Here is the easy recipe:


Cauliflower 1 (small size) 
Garlic 2
Chopped Ginger 1 tsp
Sambar Powder 1tbsp leveled
Coriander Few
Salt 0.5 tsp or to taste


Cut Cauliflower into medium Florets. Check for germs and remove.. 
Cut Garlic and Ginger into fine pieces.
Chop Coriander finely.
Grind together: Coriander, Garlic and Ginger.


Add enough water to cover the cauliflower florets with little salt in a Pan. Boil for 5 minutes. This makes the florets soft and also release the germs, if any. Drain the water and keep aside.

Heat Oil in a Pan. Add Cumin Seeds. Fry till they turn slightly brown. Now add the Cauliflower florets, ground Ginger-Garlic-Coriander Paste, Sambar Powder and Salt. Mix well. Fry, stirring occasionally, till the florets get a slightly roasted coating of Sambar Powder and the raw smell goes off.

Serves: 2
Serve with rice. I served with Tomato Rice.

Note: You can also add onions if you like. Do not stir many times as the florets may break.

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