Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wish to Just Eat Delicious Food ?

Wish to Just Eat Delicious Chinese Food?
As long as there’s pasta and Chinese food in the world, I’m okay.
I recently came across this quote somewhere on the internet and felt it was quite true. Pasta – a tasty dish that can easily be whipped up anytime of the day to stave off those hunger pangs. Chinese food – well, not exactly so easy to prepare but then the zesty flavours are very appealing to your taste buds.
So, what do you do when you feel the urge to have that perfectly flavoured American chopsuey along with chicken hot and sour soup or that exotic crispy chilli lamb with hakka noodles and chicken in parsley sauce? One thing that you definitely do not do is this: you don’t even try to cook all this at home. What you actually do is scout around the internet to find which Chinese restaurants lie nearby which can be visited or else which Chinese eateries carry out home delivery in your area.
This is not as difficult and time-taking as it sounds, provided you know about JustEat, the online food ordering portal spread across all the major metros and having a very large number of restaurants on board. Here, you could get all the Chinese restaurants (or for any other cuisine, for that matter) that are located nearby as well as those which will deliver at your place. You could even opt for the pickup option from the restaurant and pay online for your food order, depending on what works best for you.

 Even Wikipedia talks about what is known as ‘Indian Chinese Cuisine’ – an amalgamation of Indian flavours in Chinese dishes.  Some of the very popular items in this are the ubiquitous and very widely loved chilli chicken and chicken manchurian and the ‘chopsuey’ – which is somewhat like crispy noodles in a chicken, meat or vegetable sauce. Not only do restaurants all over India serve these items, but it’s also very common to see them being cooked at roadside food stalls and let me tell you, most of the times these are more lip-smacking and also relatively lighter on your pocket, with that extra zing in their flavour!
Just recently I came across this well-known Chinese chain of restaurants called Wangs Kitchen. I was surprised and also very pleased to see that it had more than a dozen outlets in Chennai itself and what’s more, you could Order Online from Wangs Kitchen Chennai and get home delivery from the place! When I went through its menus online, I noticed it had simply everything Chinese you could think of when it came to food, both in the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian sections. Then and there I made up my mind; on my next visit, I just have to try out Wangs Kitchen, having read so much about it!

Another interesting and super-convenient option when you want to order food online is through the JustEat Mobile Apps. Using these you can order food from anywhere and at anytime – the app is just like the entire website minimized into a phone version. So whether it’s Wangs Kitchen or anywhere else you wish to get your food from, the app is always at your beck and call… A welcome treat for all foodies!

Hope you all know that I'm currently hosting 'Eat Vegetables Stay Healthy' event. As of now, I've received 81 entries..

Jaleela Kamal (Cook Book Jaleela)
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Asha (Chikku’s Kitchen)
Prerana Khanwalkar (Easy Indian Recipes)
Asiya Omar (My Healthy Happy Kitchen)
Shobana Vijay (Shoba’s Delights)
Ramya (Lemon Curry)
Shama (Shama’s Easy2cook recipes)
Ruxana Gafoor (From my Own kitchen)
As of now Jillu leads with 27 entries. Just 15 more days to go.. Rush in your entries and win Justeat coupons..


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very informative post.. nice event will link soon...

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