Monday, May 20, 2013

Keerai Masiyal

Keerai Masiyal is often referred to as Keerai Kadainjadhu (Mashed or Pureed spinach) at my home. Traditionally, spinach is mashed using a wooden ladle (called matthu in tamil) for this recipe. 

Though this is healthy , I hate this since my childhood. My Mom tried to make me to eat explaining its health benefits; but I was very stubborn not even to taste it. Till now, I've never tasted this recipe. As I eat spinach stir fries and curry made out of spinach, my Mom didn't trouble me much. Also, there is nothing that I hate except for this recipe and beetroot stir fry.

When my Hus asked to prepare this for lunch today, I got really irritated, as I've to prepare three different recipes for myself, hus and my son. I know my son would dare to touch this. 

Though I know the method, I've not prepared this myself. But with hopes and quite irritated me, made this recipe. My Hus said it was good and said would look for wooden ladle to puree it manually...  aaaaaah!!! So I would be preparing this often. :(

There are many who love this recipe, especially my mom and some of my friends. This is the easiest recipe and my mom says it tastes better if araikeerai is used. I don't get that here; so used palak. She enjoys eating this curry mixed with steamed rice and papad.


Spinach a small bunch
Green Chillies 1
Garlic Cloves 2

To temper:

Mustard Seeds
Urad Dhal
Curry leaves few
Pearl Onions few


Wash and chop the spinach. Remove the stems.

In a pan, add chopped spinach, garlic cloves, salt and enough water. Cook for few minutes. This would take less than five minutes. Cool the mixture.

In a pan, heat little oil and add chopped green chilli. Fry for few seconds till they sizzle. Grind this along with the cooked spinach in a mixer.

Transfer to a bowl. Pour the tempering and serve with Papad.

Serves: 1-2

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meena said...

such a simple and comforting gravy.

Priya Suresh said...

One of my favourite masiyal, love to finish that bowl.

Vimitha Durai said...

Healthy and comfort food

Hari Chandana P said...

Looks so beautiful.. love the color :)

Unknown said...

simple, homey and delicious... Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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Achu said...

Lovely :) Thanks for linking this entry in my event Celebrate Love for Mum