Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cucumber Olive Salad

I munch on cucumber or make raita. I've never made salad with cucumber. I thought why not prepare it.Here is the recipe. It came out so well and I love it.


2 medium sized cucumbers
1 small non juicy Tomato
3 tsp sliced olives
1 tsp white vinegar
2 pinch of pepper powder


Slice cucumber as thin as possible. Cut tomatoes into small pieces.


In a large bowl, combine sliced cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, vinegar,olives, pepper powder and salt. 
Give it a toss. 
Keep it for half an hour and then serve.

Serves: 1


You can add chopped coriander leaves. I just wanted to serve it plain.
You can also add black olives to give a nice color and taste to the salad.
Since this is a cucumber salad, I have included it more and added other ingredients in lesser proportions. 

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