Sunday, June 16, 2013

Brinjal stir fry and Awards II

I get allergy when I eat brinjals after my surgeries. So I never picked these for a while. Even done, I used to add this in any kuzhambu (gravy) and avoid eating it. 

This is a simple regular stir fry. It tasted excellent as I made this after many months. I remember a saying "Heard Melodies are sweeter; those unheard are sweetest. Something that is made after a long time tastes the best and gets more appreciation as if we have not cooked so good before..


Brinjal - small - 1/4 kg
Sambar Powder 1 tbsp - levelled
Big Onion (smaller in size) -1

To temper:

Mustard seeds
Urad Dhal
Curry leaves


Chop Brinjals and onions into thin strips lengthwise.

Heat oil in a Pan. When hot, add mustard seeds. When they start popping up, add urad dhal, curry leaves and onions.When onions turn translucent, add chopped brinjals. Fry for a while and then sprinkle sambar powder and salt.

Fry for few minutes until the masala and salt gets combined well. Sprinkle little water and increase the flame to medium heat. When the water is evaporated completely, simmer the flame and fry till it turns brown, crispy and done.

Serves: 2
Serve with steamed rice and sambar or curd rice. 

And, now coming to the awards.. I've this habit of preparing and distributing awards to fellow bloggers. To know about my first set of awards and why I started this, check out here. I am not very good in photoshop but did my best to personalize awards..

Who else can motivate others other than Priya suresh of Priya's Versatile Recipes. She is enthusiastic, completes challenges on the day 1 and innovates recipes with different combination of ingredients. I think she can cook with anything and everything. Few months back, I saw a cookie recipe in her blog and thought would give a try. Somehow I forgot to bookmark it. When I went to her Recipe Index page, I was scrolling on and on, It didn't come to an end. Meanwhile, I got interested in many other recipes and bookmarked them without forgetting . At last, I forgot what I was searching for. Till now, I am not able to recall it..  As a person, she is really wonderful. She comments even in a beginner's blog when I find some experienced bloggers do not love to. I think Divya Pramil has also mentioned this in one of her posts. Well, she deserves this Motivating blogger Award.

Shanavi of Kitchen secrets and snippers gets this Stylish Blogger award. I like the appearance of her blog, so neat and organized with awesome clicks. I simply like her power point presentation in the main page. She is very lovable. She told me my blog is neat and organized; I was really shocked as I was just waiting for a chance to tell her the same. I've much more reasons to explore her blog. I've bookmarked a few of her non veg recipes and sweet recipes.

I came to know about her and her blog very recently. She is famous not only for her clicks but also for her cutlery she collects. Who is she? She is none other than Preeti Tamilarasan of Indian Kitchen. In FB, few have commented that they are going to steal her cutlery. I think all of us would like to see her haul post with all those materials she uses while clicking. She makes her image much more artisitic with those different cutlery and background. She knows what to use. She is very lovable person to help me when I chatted with her for the first time. I wanted help to resize images; she told me how she does. She gets this Fantastic Food Photographer award.

Another stylish blogger is Divya Pramil of You too can  cook. I think she needs no introduction. She runs the SNC event successfully. Her blog is stylish and looks very professional and ofcourse with mind blowing clicks. Can anyone think of making a desert with Idli? She does. Her recipes are stylish too as her blog. I do not know her much personally. But I've heard through others how lovable she is..

I've so many favorite recipes from you all gals. This time, it is very difficult to name a few. I request the awardees to collect the awards from this page. I've some more bloggers in my mind to be awarded. I will try to create awards personally for them in future..


Unknown said...

thanks laxmi for this wonderful award :) you made my day dear..

Corporate to Kitchen said...

That is a nice way of showing appreciation Laxmi. Well when it comes to brinjal I can eat only Bagara Baingan & somehow brinjal & me have never been able to be good friends:)

Ms.Chitchat said...

Nice curry, me too allergic to brinjal :(:(, nice tempting click too.

Akila said...

Wow yummy curry and my wishes to the girls who got the award

Vimitha Durai said...

Nice curry and lovely awards

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

healthy n yummm version
Tasty Appetite

Priya Suresh said...

Omg, Laxmi am honoured dear, thats really wonderful to get this award from u,thanks a ton for ur kind words.

Brinjal fry is my all time favourite,a prefect pair for rasam rice.

Shanavi said...

Nobody eats brinjal at home, this looksdelicious n made me crave ..

Divya A said...

Oh dear just flattered...... thanks a lot for the honor.. I feel that this is the best appreciation I've got, just loved your effort in encouraging other bloggers, I loved all your choice of bloggers, Priya akka is what u say and even more than that,, I agree with Shanavi, Preeti too, all your words are so true!! now I have come to know another love-able person thats u.. God Bless :) Those words and awards there means a lot to me :) Lovely work on the badges :) Thanks dear...

btw yummy brinjal stir fry :) Would be too good with rasam rice...

Shanavi said...

Ahh..Am so flattered right now, Laxmi, If I were there beside u, I would have hugged you, am so touched to see such wonderful comments from u, as I love ur space for it's neat and crisp to the content,girl,I must say u r not only a good blogger, u r good at heart as well. Hugs dear..I also agree with all the words you've put out here, Yes, I love the osmly talented, always down to earth Priya of pvr, I wish to loot some of Preeti's props, she is an osm food stylist and she has many authentic recipes as well. Divya, she is such a sweet doll, am always amazed at her cooking/photography skills..I can't express how this award means to me, priceless da..Thanks dear for ur love..

Divya A said...

Hi Laxmi, just posted about the award today :) Thanks again :) check it out here -

virunthu unna vaanga said...

wow superb event... great to appreciation of bloggers...

Unknown said...

Hi Laxmi, first time here came from Divya's blog :) you have a wonderful blog and I love your writing skills dear, all the people you have awarded truly deserve them, each one is a great friend to me :) looking forward to hop here often


Unknown said...

hi lakshmi first time true words about priya sis and divya and preeti sisters.all are lovable and so true words and all deserved right awards.lovely appreciation great going.

ishhu said...